Paraty is a year round destination with water temperatures ranging between 23 to 28 degrees Celsius.

The ‘summer’ is the rainy season and also the hottest and busiest time of year. Between December and March it often rains at the end of the afternoon, freshening up the air. It’s rare to rain all day and for consecutive days. Paraty is cooler than the big cities due to its sea breezes and forests, and Casa Cairuçu in turn is fresher than Paraty. Average temperatures 23-29 degrees.

September to November is the mild season, where there are few people, warm weather and not too hot, rain possible as always in the Tropics.

April to June is in many ways the best season with lovely weather, statistically very little rain, not so hot (22-28 degrees), and clear skies. Rain probability is at the lowest. Cool at night.

July to August is so called ‘winter’, a bit cooler still, quite dry, and you need often a jumper at night. This is a good time for elderly people that don’t like heat for example but it is also a peak season for European families and honeymooners.

Remember this is a rainforest region – very green and beautiful – rain is part of the system.