Frequently Asked Question


Your stay includes a food and drink shopping service so you pay only supermarket prices.

Lacking in culinary inspiration? We send you a number of delicious Brazilian dishes you or the maid can prepare. Tell us which you like and we’ll add the ingredients to your shopping list.

Adriana our maid – 8 am – 1 pm – organises your breakfast for you and can also prepare delicous regional evening meals like Ensopado de Peixe or Bobo de Camarao.

Barbeques – with a view – are also a must!


Boat trips in the bay are a fantastic way of exploring and discovering the islands, beaches and coves of the region.

We recommend a variety of boats depending on the group size and budget.

A typical day passeio might include a visit to Ilha do Mantimento opposite the house (you can also kayak there) where you can find Golden Maned Tamarind monkeys. Then snorkelling at Ilha Comprida, and a bbq lunch on a deserted beach before relaxing and swimming.


Beaches reached from Casa Cairuçu

  • Praia do Bare
  • Praia Vermelha
  • Paria da Lula
  • Paraty Mirim and teh beached of Saco de Mamangua
  • Praia Grande
  • Praia Grande da Cajaiba


Paraty is a year round destination with water temperatures ranging between 23 to 28 degrees Celsius.

  • The ‘summer’ is the rainy season and also the hottest and busiest time of year. Between December and March it often rains at the end of the afternoon, freshening up the air. It’s rare to rain all day and for consecutive days. Paraty is cooler than the big cities due to its sea breezes and forests, and Casa Cairucu in turn is fresher than Paraty. Average temperatures 23-29 degrees.
  • September to November is the mild season, where there are few people, warm weather and not too hot, rain possible as always in the Tropics.
  • April to June is in many ways the best season with lovely weather, statistically very little rain, not so hot (22-28 degrees), and clear skies. Rain probability is at the lowest. Cool at night.
  • July to August is so called ‘winter’, a bit cooler still, quite dry, and you need often a jumper at night. This is a good time for elderly people that don’t like heat for example but it is also a peak season for European families and honeymooners.

Remember this is a rainforest region – very green and beautiful – rain is part of the system.


There are a profusion of religious and cutlural festivals celenbrated in Paraty. Some of the more important are:-

  • The Literature Festival of Paraty (FLIP) was inspired by the Hay Festival of Literature and Art in UK and every year guest from all over the world come for this festival.
  • International Photography Festival Em Foco takes place each year in September
  • New Year – Plenty of events, fireworks, music!
  • Carnaval, including Jabaquara’s infamous Bloco de Lama (Mud Procession)
  • Religious processions including Easter and Festa do Divino Espiritu Santo
  • There are also Shrimp and Cachaca Festivals


Children are welcome and it’s a wonderful environment for fun and exploration. Be aware that there is not a big garden or large flat area apart from the house’s veranda and deck (with gate). The closest sandy beach is a 5 minute walk away (or paddle) and it is very calm and protected (no waves).

The photo above is Praia Vermelha, a 30-40 minute walk from the house (or boat trip).

Wild and Insect life

Bring repellent and Vitamin B complex for mosquitoes is never a bad plan, though months and months pass with little or no mosquitoes, much less than Paraty for example. Having said that this is rainforest and there is a lot of insect life including ants of course and at night moths.

You may well see iguanas (largartas), and there are lots of birds including hummingbirds, bem-te-vi and a noisy, bright eyed kingfisher that likes the vantage point from the big tree in front of the house. We often see turtles from the house and deck. On Mantimento island opposite you can see rare Golden Maned Tamarind monkeys.

Many guests have seen dolphins from the house, as well as on boat trips.